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Scandinavian Handmade Glaze Finish Ceramic Vase

Scandinavian Handmade Glaze Finish Ceramic Vase

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Scandinavian-inspired handmade ceramic vases with vivid color to bring a pop to any space. Making your home accent more colorful and vibrant.
the exquisite vases can be grouped together or scattered around your living as stand-alone with or without floral or greenery additions.

Material: Ceramic
Care Guide: Wipe with a damp cloth

Dark Green: 6cm x 15.5cm / 2.26" x 6.1"
Blue: 7cm x 14cm / 2.76" x 5.1"
Black: 11cm x 6.5cm / 4.33" x 2.56"
Yellow: 7cm x 12cm / 2.76" x 4.72" 

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